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Emergency Services        

Eye conditions in animals can develop unexpectedly and worsen quickly.  We are available for emergency services should the need arise.  Not sure if your pet's eye condition is an emergency?  We've listed several common eye emergencies below. These conditions should be treated as quickly as possible.  Call us if you have any questions about these or other conditions.

How Do I Know My Pet Is Having An Eye Problem?

The following are signs that your pet is having an eye problem and should be evaluated:  
·  Squinting or holding the eye(s) shut
·  Scratching or rubbing at the eye(s)  
·  Swelling of the eye(s) or eyelid(s)   
·  A change in appearance of the eyes, especially cloudiness or redness 

·  Any change in vision, whether slow or sudden in onset 

·  Excessive green or yellow discharge from the eyes 

·  A very red eye 

·  Bleeding in the eye or blood coming from the eye

·  A cloudy/blue eye 

·  Foreign body in the eye   

·  A sudden depression appearing in the cornea 

·  Bulging of the eye itself