Proudly serving the pet owners and veterinarians

of the New Orleans metropolitan area.

101 Metairie Road       504-872-9898


Metairie Veterinary Ophthalmology Specialists see pets solely for their referred ocular problem; we do not provide routine veterinary care. We work openly and believe in frequent communication with referring veterinarians. Dr. Mouney will review the patient's records, take a complete history, and perform a thorough examination to provide a basis for a diagnostic work-up and treatment.

Our 24/7 staff of doctors and technicians regularly monitor patients to ensure their safety, while providing quality care. We believe in daily communication with both veterinarians and pet owners. Referring doctors will receive a detailed summary of the case, as well as discharge instructions and any laboratory work that may have been performed.

The information we provide will ensure the continuity of care after patient discharge. Dr. Mouney is always happy to assist our referring veterinarians with challenging cases. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

If referring a patient, please complete this form and fax to our office at 504-835-4306 along with all pertinent medical records and recent lab work.